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Coaching people to their potential

Business Negotiation Training


To enable Business Managers to negotiate complex agreements with a major customer whilst maintaining positive and constructive relationships.


  • To develop the capability to plan and prepare a complex negotiation strategy
  • To develop the skills to counteract destructive negotiation tactics and ploys
  • To develop the skills and knowledge required to use the Business Negotiation process with confidence to achieve a complex commercial agreement with a major customer or supplier
  • To develop an awareness of how to use negotiation skills to enhance commercial trading relationships

Components include (subject to your business’s needs):

Philosophy of business negotiation, core skills for business negotiation, business negotiation strategies and tactics, business negotiation processes and structure, planning and preparing complex variables, identifying the negotiation parameters, making and receiving proposals, conditional bargaining and agreement, managing the agreement.


Proven significant impact on profitability, speedy ROI, improved delegate capability in managing complex negotiations (e.g. trading terms agreements, business projects) to achieve mutual and sustainable improved business performance, improved customer relationships and partnerships.