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Coaching people to their potential

Fill in the form below to arrange your Free Wynning Consultation Offer

All we ask is that you are ready with what you’d like our help on and what you’d like to get out of the session.

Phone: 01344 482213


What can Individuals expect in the free 30 minute session:

When you call Winning, we will arrange a suitable time for you to have a free 30 minute telephone coaching session for you to find out at first hand exactly how Wynning can help you.

What can organisations expect in the free 30 minute session:

Once you speak to us, we’ll discuss how you can benefit best from working with Wynning and arrange a free tele-coaching session with either yourself or someone in your team who would gain most from receiving coaching

Full Training & Development Needs Assessment

Call us now to arrange for one of our highly experienced team to spend time with you and your team to observe them in their roles and to give you a full analysis of their current capabilities along with a no-obligation presentation on how your team’s needs could be met.