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Coaching people to their potential

Facilitation Skills Training


To enable delegates to prepare for and run highly effective facilitation – in meetings, presentation and training delivery. Delegates will develop advanced presentation and group influencing skills.


  • To learn and practise how to prepare for and deliver a facilitated discussion
  • To develop the delivery and interaction skills
  • To develop group learning skills
  • To be able to influence and develop groups of people
  • To practice each new key concept and receive feedback to improve performance and skills

Components include (subject to your business’s needs):

Delivery and interaction skills – theory and practice, group learning skills, advanced communication and group rapport building, confidence and winning attitudes, planning to run group meetings, reviewing performance of others and themselves.


More effective group meeting management, achievement of meeting/presentation/training objectives, more motivated and involved meeting attendees, the attainment of a valuable business skills leading to a more effective and efficient team of people.