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Coaching people to their potential

What makes Wynning Different?

  • Proven tangible benefits to individuals and businesses to help you remove obstacles and progress towards your potential
  • Our ability to demonstrate a tangible return on investment – a lot more than a ‘helping hand’
  • A passion to link people development to business results

What makes Wynning the best partner for you?


  • Non-judgemental – you can say whatever you want and it remains between the two of us
  • Low-directive – you’re the expert in your own work life, we help you to become more resourceful to be able to reach your goals and to hurdle your obstacles
  • Impactful – you leave each coaching session with practical, focussed action steps that are achievable and you’re wholly committed and motivated to act upon
  • Measureable – we help you measure your successes and learnings in changing your behaviours. You’ll see tangible benefits of what you’ve done which maintains your momentum towards reaching your potential


  • Holistic – The Wynning training process means that all training and development is done as a part of your organisation’s bigger picture. Everything we do together is designed completely around your company’s vision, values and objectives
  • Future based – we will focus on what you and your team needs to be able to do to meet your future objectives and challenges, not reflect back on your teams appraisals on what they could and could not do last year. This way your people grow with your goals, not a year behind them
  • Practical – the solutions we develop with you are 100% implementable, giving your people the confidence that they can put their learnings into practice
  • Embedding – What’s measured gets done. We ensure that the skills, knowledge, processes and tools your team learn get used consistently by giving you and your management team the tools and skills needed to coach and measure in the workplace, taking your people to greater heights
  • Measureable – Implementing your people’s learnings from training programmes bring behavioural changes in their day-to-day performance. These behavioural changes bring business benefits. We help you design a process to capture these behavioural changes and business benefits so you are able to track your return on investment, which stimulates further momentum for growth and development in your organisation