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Coaching people to their potential

Sales Training (for Account Managers)


To enable your team to prepare for and run highly effective 1 to 1 customer meetings with confidence to achieve business objectives.


  • To learn and practise how to prepare an objective-focused business interview with the individual’s major customer(s)
  • To develop the skills required to identify customer needs and to satisfy them through the delivery of a high-impact, motivational presentation
  • To develop an awareness of different behavioural types and how to modify personal style to meet the behavioural needs of others
  • To develop the capability to analyse data and construct compelling data based proposals

Components include (subject to your business’s needs):

Consultative selling concepts, behavioural awareness, highly effective and efficient meeting preparation, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, data analysis and presentation skills, one to one presentation skills, compelling proposals and closing techniques, objection handling and conditional bargaining.


Significant improvement in success rates, proven ROI from the training, improved preparation skills, better 1 to 1 customer meetings, develop ways of understanding customer needs, improved customer relationships and more customers saying yes to proposals more often.

Sales Training (for Field Sales)


To give field-based delegates the process, knowledge and skills to successfully manage their territory and grow sustainable profitable sales with their customers.


  • To develop the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful salesperson
  • To practice the selling skills
  • To learn the best process – before, during and after the sales call
  • To build a plan for you to make a successful sales call

Components include (subject to your business’s needs):

The Steps of the Call, Consultative selling concepts, Behavioural awareness, Customer meeting preparation, Verbal and non-verbal communication skills, One to one presentation skills, Proposals and closing techniques, Objection handling and bargaining, Territory Management.


Improved in-store execution of your brands, increased levels of core brand distribution, improved preparation skills, better customer relationships, improved sales team efficiency, consistency of professional approach, increased sales results.