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High-impact management training and executive coaching

Change that lasts, results that matter +

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Transformational Training

We look upstream of business goals, objectives and behaviours into discovering the single biggest ideas or problems that ....

Transformational Coaching

We take you out of your head and into your life. Our approach yields so much more than the delivery of performance and results ....

Transformational Coaching

This is not ‘traditional’ coaching. The coaching here is truly transformational: where you will see your life and life itself completely differently ....

Mentoring Programme

As a result of my time as a coach with a thriving global practice, I also offer Coach Mentoring Programmes to help you have the coaching ....


Helping my corporate clients achieve better results through the brilliance of their people along with those clients who come to me for their own personal needs is such a joy.


All current events are private, in-company training. Public events will be posted on the events page. 


I regularly make videos that give an insight into what I do and how I do it as well as sharing experiences ..........


I have worked with Wynning on various projects in different markets over the last nine years and have found Wyn to be most professional, creative and value added in the work he has done with me and my teams…always delivering on the objectives with very positive results. 

J.B. – V.P. Consumer Healthcare


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