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Helping my corporate clients achieve better results through the brilliance of their people along with those clients who come to me for their own personal needs is such a joy. I love watching them wake up to who they really are.

I’m extremely grateful to work with corporations and private individuals in every continent around the world from my base in Windsor, UK. Having been in the people development world for the past 20 years within organisations, and as a coach-consultant with my own business for the past 13 years, I now spend half my time working away from the UK. 

I am constantly amazed how much more there is to see and how much more wondrous and simple life can actually be, and continually invest significant time in my own learning.

In the mid-late 90s I worked in FMCG (PepsiCo UK) in Sales and in Category Management, then joined United Biscuits as Senior Training Manager, following my passion of developing people in 1999. Since 2001 I’ve been a training consultant and coach – and can now bring that 2 decades of learning what works (and what doesn’t work!) into today’s training and coaching world.

Each of these associate business partners are experts and bringing out the hidden best in people and have thriving businesses in their own right. I’m honoured to bring them into client work according to the scope of your needs.




John El-Mokadem has 14 years’ experience of providing exceptional results in both personal and corporate coaching and training. 

John has learned from some of the top success and performance coaches in the world, studying and exploring what enables us to really be at our best, to help guide his clients to make their own breakthroughs.

The transformations John witnesses are often life changing, as clients gain a deeper understanding of how their minds work, enabling them to experience a healthier, happier, more successful and creative life.

Most recently John has conducted a research study to demonstrate the transformative effects of his approach on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

John lives with his family in Kent, UK

Sarah Matthew


Sarah’s favourite description by any of her clients is “Professional unsticker”

All the clients Sarah speaks to cite ever faster change and increasingly challenging conditions. Leaders are seeking quicker, smarter and ideally easier ways to succeed, her work is about liberating leaders and their teams from complexity and overwhelm and the limitations of their current thinking to overcome their most pressing challenges.


She takes a no-nonsense, revolutionary approach to enable clients to see a bigger, clearer picture - to expand their field of vision.

Guided by a strong sense of purpose and intuition, Sarah’s experience and expertise spans: award-winning entrepreneur and mentor, C-Suite executive, senior strategic business consultant, marketer, communications specialist and accredited transformative coach.

Sarah and her family live in London

Lorna Davis


Lorna has lived in and led businesses in 7 countries and is a transformational coach, trainer, and board adviser.

Having served as President of multinational consumer goods companies for 20+ years, in Danone, Kraft and Mondelez, Lorna is now a sought-after resource for businesses all around the world due to her track record of delivering change. She has been a key leader in Danone’s purpose journey and is a Global Ambassador for the B Corp movement.

In 2017, Lorna served as CEO and Chairwoman of Danone Wave (now Danone North America), where she established that $6 Billion entity as a Public Benefit Corporation and it achieved B Corp status in 2018, making it the largest B Corp in the world.


Lorna has done a TED talk on Radical Interdependence which has been viewed by over 2 million people.

Lorna lives in New York City with her partner and her dog Stir Fry.

Drissia Schröder-Hohenwarth


Drissia is a Psychologist, a Transformative Coach, and a Systemic Organisational Consultant with extensive corporate experience.

Drissia works with Leaders, Teams and Organisations everywhere in the world. Her areas of activities reach from Leadership Development to Organisational Transformation and everything in between. 


She has a fascination for our humanness and the magic of the mind.


With a background of more than 30 years in Clinical Psychology, Corporate Human Resources, Organisational Consulting, and both Executive and Team Coaching, she loves to help her clients get both outstanding business results and thrive at a personal level.  


Drissia is French and lives in Germany. She works in English, German and French, and is culturally at home everywhere. 

Kim Kaase


Kim helps leaders define then focus their priorities and clear their mind.

With a significant level of experience in working at senior roles within corporations, Kim now helps people at all organisational levels unlearn unhelpful habits that are keeping them from performing and being productive. They do less, not more, and often GAIN time in their day. She is also an expert facilitator in helping organisations perform with their people becoming clear and resilient - regardless of their role and function.

Kim lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and son.

John Kelly


John specialises in helping others to see the nature of what being human means.

John is instrumental in transforming individuals and organisations.

He trains buyers and account managers to "dance" better together for the benefit of both, and works with sales professionals at all levels. His 20+ years of training and coaching experience in FMCG and retail across director and senior managers to new-starters, John’s amiable, yet cut-through style has brought an impressive track record of change and client results.

John is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland with his family

Robin Taffin


Robin specialises in helping companies solve the seemingly insoluble and create what before was unimaginable.

Robin’s first goal is to work to make clients see that they are complete and able to operate at their fullest potential: self-confident, resilient, productive, creative, stress-free and fearless. His second goal is to help clients achieve the impossible - both in their professional and personal life.

In his own words: “My job is to extract the best out of people, creating and implementing coaching  programs and training in: innovation, problem-solving, creativity and performance. I work with clients ranging from start-ups to multinational companies in Brazil, the US and Europe”


Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Robin is proficient in both Portuguese and English.


Merrianne Monson


Mer had a 25 years into a journey through the world of psychology, she happened upon a simple understanding of how life works. 

As Mer says “Not because things finally changed enough for me to be okay, but because I saw there was never anything wrong with me or life in the first place.  As I began to get clear eyes for the principles at work behind life and being human, all of my prior experience made sense to me in a much deeper and clearer context.”

Mer has witnessed repeatedly in her own life and that of her clients, when even a slice of misunderstanding about who we are and how life works dissolves, the best within us naturally wakes up and comes to life. 

Mer is based in with her family in Utah, USA

Brianne Grebil


Brianne’s goal is to enhance her clients' lives in ways they never even imagined.

She helps clients understand the profound assets that they were born with, but never fully understood. This unlocks vast possibilities, potential, and creativity.

In her own words: “It is an honor to work with people and be with them as they wake up to the immense greatness that they have within themselves. Once realized, this greatness can be ‘applied’ to creating things like enhanced relationships with partners, family, employees, co-workers, etc., boosting problem solving skills, increasing resiliency in challenging situations, improving productivity and output without additional stress, as well as finding more peace and joy in all areas of life”

Brianne is based in Idaho, USA

Ajna Pisani


Ajna blends many years of experience as a psychotherapist and coaching along with a deep understanding how human beings function and make sense of the world.

Her work with clients is truly transformational and provides clients with their ‘user-manual’ for human being-ness; with remarkable results in all areas of their life.

Ajna says: “Working upstream of our personal psychology gives us an entirely different framework for understanding our experience of life as human beings. It transforms the way see past experiencing and future opportunity. It deepens our ability to be present in the moment and to problem solve more effectively”

Ajna lives with her family in Massachusetts, USA

Kristy Halverson


A former fire-house chief turned coach, Kristy truly sees how we can ‘catastrophize’ what’s going on in our lives.

Through the years Kristy has worked with business owners, fire chiefs, career professionals, retirees, federal investigators, new coaches, writers, salesmen, millionaires, realtors, nurses, actors, investors, therapists, yogis, models, and many others.

As Kristy says “The common thread with all of my clients has been an exploration into a deeper understanding of how our mind works. With this understanding comes a trust in our innate intelligence. Naturally well-being then takes center stage, happiness blossoms, and success follows … it’s that simple”

Kristy is based in the USA.

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