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We pride ourselves on making a lasting impact on your people and results. We have an enviable track record of providing quick and significant return on investment.

The reason for this is due to how we work, refined over 20 years, to bring you leading edge-learning, coupled with leading edge ‘psychology of change’ at the heart of every interaction with you and your people.

We have spent many years learning to understand what makes human beings do what they do, what makes them change, what makes them good one day and average the next, what makes a new skill ‘stick’ and a human’s ability to deploy these skills. This understanding is what makes us stand out in making the difference organisations and people are looking for.

We start with your own questions and challenges, spend time to really understand them and build programs with you, along with ways to embed the change you’re looking for.


"My high performing team need to be invested in to keep stretching them and to keep them with us."


"Our people are giving discounts without merit or are always saying no: nothing in between."

"We have a team of leaders who aren’t good with their people and shy away from giving any constructive feedback."

"My colleagues and I just don’t get along."

"We’ve tried so many things to install the culture we want as a board, and the behaviours of our people aren’t changing."

"Our client churn rate is high, and getting worse."

"My management team keep solving problems their people should be able to resolve, and all the team do is to escalate problems up."

"Many of our people are terrified of presenting / speaking in public."


"We’ve just stopped positively challenging each other and our growth has stalled."

"Our procurement team have alienated their suppliers, and we are left lacking in choice of business partners."

"We are totally reactive to client requests and when clients don’t ask, we don’t grow."

​"My direct reports just don’t think strategically."

"We need more productivity from our people across the board."

"Our absenteeism rate is high and I’m conserved about our people’s levels of stress."

"The market we are in is in a state of flux, and our people have become discouraged and feel powerless."

"We just don’t bring new ideas and don’t innovate anymore."

"The sales team seem more like order takers than genuine sales people."

"The relationships with our key customers are adversarial - that can’t be good for either of us."

"Our internal training team are responsible for delivering training to 2,800 of our people all over the world, and they just don’t create the impact and the change in the people that they need to."

"The business development department need to produce more proposals and convert a higher percentage of them for us to hit our company growth targets."

"We’ve been losing market share in our category because our competitors present far more compelling commercial proposals than we do."

The breadth of these questions can look vast at first glance, yet there is one common theme: change.
We are experts in understanding what makes a human being change.

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